T - F - S T O R Y
PUBLISHERS: CONTACT J.R. Beatty to publish his Creative Photo-Stories and NON-Photo-Based "True-Fiction (T-F)" writings.

J. R.'s writing process is "I pour out onto paper or Internet pages the deep feelings and impactful experiences in my heart and mind. Then dry my creative juices and emotional liquids a little before baring my soul to my audience. Similar to singing with THE UF Acapella Choir or performing a Handel's 'Messiah' solo in front of thousands!"

Here are Excerpts from J.R.'s Non-Photo-Based T-F-Stories.

"One Hump Or Two?
by J.R. Beatty

My docu-photo-writer-editor-humorist-communicator Internet website allows me to record instants of time and place for posterity.

Today I am reminded of a special day decades ago when my wife and I were shopping for a new set of living room furniture. We looked at multi-colored and striped and solid colored sofas and love seats and easy chairs covered in crushed velvet or Corinthian leather or patterned, starched cotton cloth. The prices were scaring me from time to time - especially at the upscale store we had just come into.

"Oh, do you see that sofa set way over there on the other side of the store?!" my wife exclaimed suddenly. "It speaks to me! It speaks to me! I have to have it!" The creamy white sofa and love seat with the animalistic shaped back and cream-colored floral design engraved right into its fabric literally gleamed …"

"1954 – INDIANA – Slowly I Turned ...
By J.R. Beatty

Slowly, I turned! Inch by inch I crept up on him! .... "!?#*@$&!" Bop! Smack! ... Oh, that happens to me every time I hear that word - "INDIANA". Must have come from seeing an old vaudeville routine on too many "I Love Lucy" TV show reruns. Yep, that's it!

I once spent 3 months in Bloomington, Indiana back in the day of 1954 when I was 7 years old. My Dad’s friend had found my Dad a good job at a RCA TV manufacturing plant there. So we moved up from Florida in our family's 1950 black Chevy packed to the GRILLS!

We pulled over at night and slept in that un-air-conditioned car. In the dark a police patrol car drove up and shown its spotlight into our car. That scared the "Bejeebers" out of all of us! But we stayed low and the policeman was too lazy to get out of his car ..."

"Tiffany, Our Faithful Little Friend
by J.R. Beatty

The 6 year old boy had memories of being alone with his first dog, Duncan, a white West Highlands Scottish Terrier when it died unexpectedly after 12 years of service to the family. And there were two other mean, sneaky dogs that hated children that had unjustly bitten this precious little boy from behind -- not just once but twice. The good boy's anguished cry had been "Why did they bite ME?" As a result, he now expressed some fear and nervousness around all dogs.

In 1986 a change of work venue from Miami to West Palm Beach was affecting the entire family: Mom, Dad, and their son.

Mom and Dad decided that getting a new small dog for an early Christmas present might be just the thing to encourage their boy to possibly resolve his negative feelings about dogs. It might also help with the physical and emotional move from the only home he had known and from his beloved grandparents that stayed behind in Miami.

Dad's suggestion to go the Palm Beach County dog pound was a good one. The little cross breed mixed Cairn Terrier and Whippet "Pound Puppy" with golden brown fluffy fur and Benji-doggie-movie-star-good-looks was finally selected after prayerful consideration.

When the boy first saw the puppy in a box in the seat of the car, he stared at it, touched it, smiled briefly, and then turned stone-faced, even scared. He suddenly went into the family's new home, took a bath, and went to bed in the middle of the afternoon.

Obviously this unexpected reaction was not the one for which his parents were looking. Fortunately, their concerns disappeared in the days ahead as their boy took to the puppy quite nicely. He named her Tiffany. She met all family pet needs very well for a long time …"

"1969 - Day One - Lesson One
By J.R. Beatty

It was my first paid day of electrical engineering work at Westinghouse Electric in Newark, New Jersey way back in the 20th Century! This factory was built by George Westinghouse himself – way, way back in the 19th Century in 1898 - the year my own grandpa was born.

After several hours of satisfactory corporate orientation and work rules instruction, for some unknown reason I heard this previously unknown and unused Southern drawl coming out from my normally "mid-west-snowbird" sounding mouth when talkin' to all those there Damn Yankees! They probably just expected a "country-fried-Florida-Cracker" drawl and I gave it to them. …"