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J. R. describes his earnest writing process as "I pour out onto paper or Internet pages the deep feelings and impactful experiences in my heart and mind. Then dry my creative juices and emotional liquids a little before baring my soul to my audience. Similar to singing with THE UF Acapella Choir or performing a Handel's 'Messiah' solo in front of thousands!"

'PHOTO-STORIES' present "FASCINATING FACTS" & "HIDDEN HISTORY" Behind his Photos. CLICK ON TITLES BELOW. Titles begin with a date associated with the story.

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0033 - A Donkey Colt and An Authentic Antique Wheel


1763 - Yates Grist Mill - "Miller Man" In The Window

1773 - It's A Long, Long Road to Tybee Island's Day Mark / Light Station

1819 - Leaky Beaver Creek Dam & Old Guilford Grist Mill

1859 - Old St. Johns River Lighthouse - 'Wild Watcher Birds'

1861 to 1865 - The South Can "Rise Again" - On-Line

1864 - Olustee Civil War Battlefield

1872 - St. Simons Lighthouse & THE Gazebo GHOST

1898 to 1924 - Graham Brothers Dairy Farm - Charlotte Neighbors

1960 - Our Family's "Evening Bonus" Home 'Up At the River'

1967 to 1969 - U of Florida Auditorium and Century Tower

1972 & 2002 - Dames Point Bridge Flying High Over Mossy River Oak Trees

2007 - A Lonely "Heart Gate" with No Fence Around

2007 - Atlantic Beach Male Bonding

2007 - Cute Curly Cornrows Child

2007 - GOIN' FISHIN'

2007 - Itchy-Eyed Goat Has To Scratch!

2007 - St Johns River Pelicans - Hidden Christmas Nativity Manger Scene

2008 - The "Old Rugged Cross" - Good News

2009 - A Tall, Handsome, Mature, 1-Legged, "Handi-Capable" Gulf Seabird

2009 - INCOMING ! .... "ISIS Battle Tank" vs. USAF Drone Missile Strike?

2009 - Orange Sunflower Bee

2009 - Paying Our Heartfelt Respects

2009 - Strong "Burro" With Geese On The Side

2010 - Crystal Eye Ball - Staring Back At You

2010 - Llama Mama?

2011 - Valentine's Day At the Museum

2012 - Dragonfly's Tail A-Draggin'

2012 - One-Eyed Hay Ride Awaits

2012 - Owl Winks & "Ghost of Photographer Present" Shutters

2012 - Rusty O's Bad Hair Day

2013 - Pond Plover Proudly Posing


2018 - Snowy Hearts Intertwined Valentine