0033 - A Donkey Colt and An Antique Wheel ©

by J.R. Beatty

A Donkey Colt and Antique Wheel
A Donkey Colt and Antique Wheel

I captured this photo of an authentic antique wheel in the foreground with a small, compact donkey colt standing next to a barn building further away. (Click on photo)

Was this authentic antique wheel from a 33 A.D. Roman cavalry war chariot? Or was it from a 1933 A.D.
farm tractor? Only your local, professional Archaeologist knows for sure!

Then I saw the "cross-shaped" darker fur along the donkey's back and across its front shoulders. I remembered that the Holy Bible says Jesus Christ (THE 33 year old Jewish Son-of-God, Son-of-Man) once rode into Jerusalem on the way to His own Roman Cross Crucifixion.

Jesus rode on the back of a young, unridden, donkey colt similar to the one in my photo - moving slowly through the "Hallelujah" (Praise The Lord!) and "Hosanna" (Save Us We Pray!) shouting, multi-national Jewish celebrants. They were in Jerusalem for the Passover Feast. The crowds spread their cloaks and the waved green palm tree branches on the ground for the donkey colt to walk over. They did this to honor and greet Him - their long-desired and long-expected Messiah!

There also were high-ranking, Jewish religious leaders watching this spectacle who did not appreciate one-little-bit this demonstration of God's Love for ALL His Created Humans as well as many humans' love for their Jesus Christ!

This first "Palm Sunday" was the beginning of the special Holy Week of Jesus' Last Supper, His Garden Betrayal by Judas, His Two Undeserved Trials, His Roman Cross Crucifixion, His Painful Death, His Three-day Tomb Burial, AND His Glorified Resurrection!
Christians still celebrate Him Alive in Heaven and in their hearts on Easter Sunday around 1,985 years later!