2009 - Strong Burro With Geese Behind ©

by J.R. Beatty

Strong "Burro" With Honking Geese Behind ©
Strong "Burro" With Honking Geese Behind ©

This photo reminds me of a sad story of a strong pack “burro” that was loaded up with heavy weights. At first, the burro had no problem with the total load. The animal carried it with distinction. (Click on photo)

Seeing this, greedy mean folks placed more and more heavy burdens on its back. The burro struggled to bear up the load, but somehow kept going. Again, more heavy loads were added until the poor burro's legs wobbled and finally gave out. The poor donkey fell down flat on its belly.

Those who had overloaded it far too much are like honking geese standing behind the donkey. They now said, "Look, this burro stumbled and fell hard! Guess it was just weak and not a good burro after all! Put it out of its misery!".

Honking Geese<br>Gaggling
Honking Geese

So, it has also been for many special loving Christian folks who tried their best to bear up under the heavy "life burdens" that they were expected to carry. When they finally collapsed exhausted to their knees, those honking geese who had just stood around on the side criticizing said "See, they stumbled and fell hard! We guessed all along they were weak and just over-rated! Get rid of them!".

How do you think Jesus Christ feels about these quiet, strong, hard-working, faithful, burro-like persons?
What about those who overloaded others with ever heavier burdens while standing behind just criticizing like honking geese?

Who do you think will receive Jesus Christ's forever blessings?

Who will receive Almighty God's well-tried, well-deserved judgement and eternal punishment?

The answers appear obvious and quite reasonable, don't they?!