2009 - Tall, Handsome, Handi-Capable, Gulf Seabird ©

by J.R. Beatty

A Tall, Sad, Handicapped Gulf Seabird
A Tall, Sad, Handicapped Gulf Seabird

I was in Florida for my Mother's 90th Birthday Celebration. Afterwards I drove out to St. Petersburg Beach and walked quietly along the Pass-A-Grille Beach, Gulf of Mexico shoreline capturing photos of all the interesting sights. (Click on photos to see details)

All living animals have limitations. None are PERFECT in all respects. A tall, sad looking, handicapped, possibly depressed, Gulf of Mexico Seabird was resting by the shoreline on a wooden piling encrusted with barnacles. Unfortunately, this sad Seabird appeared to have only one functioning, banded leg to stand on as he stared quietly out into the Gulf.

At that time I wondered: "What is this handicapped Seabird 'thinking' and 'feeling'?" Surprisingly, only seven months later I would know and understand. A powerful predictive prophetic photo, for sure.

Tall, Handsome, Handi-Capable, Gulf Seabird
Tall, Handsome, Handi-Capable, Gulf Seabird

In the next photo he swiveled his head and revealed his handsome, mature profile. In truth, this Seabird still had those two powerful Seabird wings. He was only handicapped until he USED those wings to fly away, high up into the bright, blue sky! Then he would truly become a "Handi-Capable" Seabird! This "powerful photo metaphor" reminds me of some special human "Seabirds" you and I might know who have NOT let their "Personal OR Personnel" limitations hold them back from pursuing their destiny!

We should EMPHASIZE their MANY CAPABILITIES, not just CONCENTRATE on their few handicap limitations or disabilities! If only we will allow these special "Seabird" folks to be empowered by REAL encouragement from ALL other "slightly-more-able-bodied-at-present" folks. Then they could both LIVE AND WORK up to their maximum potential for the Greater Good!

H A N D I - C A P A B L E (H-C)

YOU know, some handicapped or disabled or special needs Folks have limitations in one or more physical or mental or emotional human capabilities. I am a mature, intelligent man with a moderate, accommodated, mobility disability factor as my own life changing limitation.

We positive, OVERCOMING people do have feelings, thoughts, dreams, experiences, and capabilities sometimes heightened by our own few limitations. But many times we are NOT encouraged or taken seriously or effectively empowered by other "slightly-more-able-bodied-at-present" folks.

Any limiting situation can unexpectedly happen to affect ANY and ALL of US at any time in our lives! Don't YOU have some obvious and not-so-obvious LIMIITATIONS, too? If NOT now, then someday in the future? What's to be done about this situation - Now, Then - for YOU, for Others?

All of us HUMANS are HANDI-CAPABLE (H-C) in wonderful ways. We only need a positive way to SHOW ALL WE EACH CAN DO!
This photo-writing website is one of my favorite, best ways to show my own Handi-Capabilities!

Let me know how YOU best show YOUR own Handi-Capabilities!

From time-to-time I hope to Feature some of YOUR Handi-Capable Stories here in my website.