2011 - Valentine's Day At the Museum

by J.R. Beatty


One special Valentine’s Day in 2011 I went on an informal “Photo Safari” to the Durham, NC location of the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science (website: http://www.ncmls.org/ ).

As is my habit, I photographed many of the scenes, animals, and historical displays for my enjoyment. Included here are just a few photos captured at the museum to “wet your photographer’s appetite”.
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For example, there is a live (but sleepy) owl exhibit. I accidentally captured a "photo-bombed" photo of the "Owl Winks & 'Ghost of Photographer Present' Shutters". Sometimes you just get lucky, I guess!

Moon Lander, Astrronaut, and Flag
Moon Lander, Astrronaut, and Flag

There are several science exhibits documenting space exploration – such as this Moon Lander scene - complete with Astronaut in his white spacesuit standing next to an American flag.

Some Fifty Years later, I hear we may "Yearn to Return to the Moon - Soon"!


The museum outdoor areas showcase some adorable farm animals like this "Udderly Delicious Holy Cow". I walked around the barn building's corner and bumped straight into this curious, big headed animal extending out the stall door. A different perspective for sure. I now wonder if and how well this cow can see a wasp or "cow fly" on the end of her nose getting ready to sting/bite her?! Can she cross her eyes like I do?

With some good luck you might even be able to capture, as I did that day, the woolly sheep, sheepishly sticking his tongue out at you!


Children will enjoy the Dinosaur Trail featuring this colorful replica of an extinct creature. A pretty little girl was playing on and around "Dino" (my name for him). When her parents at last told her to say Good-bye, she pressed her hands and soft cheek sweetly against him. I heard her say "Bye-bye, Dino. I LOVE You!".

A young child's pure, sweet love is like God's Perfect Love for EACH and ALL of us. This continually amazes and convicts!

The outdoor trails to the exhibits are reasonable in length with appropriately sloped wooden walkways for powered mobility chairs with fully charged batteries. Having a strong person along to provide a helping-up-the-hill-push for the unpowered wheel chair or a supporting arm for the longer walks is suggested.

Butterfly Resting On Purple Flowers
Butterfly Resting On Purple Flowers

The museum’s highlight exhibit is the exotically flowered and treed, glass enclosed, air conditioned "Magic Wings Butterfly House". Bright-colored flowers and exquisitely dramatic butterflies enhance each other as captured in this photo. And I also photographed a number of other "Flitting Flashing Flyers" in the air, resting, and hiding in plain sight.

The North Carolina Museum of Life and Science is a varied and positively entertaining educational experience. This museum is essentially made for children and their parents and their grandparents to enjoy learning together. There is something for every age. Three generations of my family were there - seeing, exploring, and experiencing ALL that had been prepared for us.

Come and bring along your own parents, children, grandchildren, your special friends, AND your favorite camera. Lighting varies from bright outdoor sunlight to dim indoor lamp-lit displays.

The museum exhibits some special creations by God Himself and other special creations by His Highest Creation - mankind.

You and yours will enjoy these visual and tactile learning experiences!