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by J.R. Beatty

Llama Mama? Not So Much!
Llama Mama? Not So Much!

A bright red building structure with white trim stood out on the farm property. I had seen some donkeys and pigs and chickens in the fenced area. Then along came an unusual animal past that red barn - a LLAMA? I wondered if it was lost on its way to Santiago, Chile? (Click on photos)

At first I thought it was a Llama Mama. But as certain physical chacteristics came into view, I begged to differ with myself. Maybe it was actually a Llama Dude? But that does not rhyme in English. So I will let my knowledgeable website viewers decide its true gender!

I think the Llama must have seen me and my camera. For this photo shows she/he sucking or chomping on what appears to be a lollypop stick! Was it cherry or grape flavor? We will never know.

Then I noticed another interesting characteristic of this Llama. Across its white back was the darker colored shape, similar to a blaze or a bruise or a tattoo, at the precise location to place its saddle and stirrups! I did not know Chilean folks would saddle up and ride their Llama like a horse. Hasta la vista, Baby!