2013 - Pond Plover Proudly Posing ©

by J.R. Beatty


While riding through South Wake County, NC one day, I found a small road leading off the highway to a group of residences. Obeying my curious gene, I drove in and found a clear blue pond with a little one lane dirt road along its shoreline.

There, standing tall and still in the green grass next to the pond, I saw this Pond Plover Proudly Posing showing off his long tail and white bands about its eyes and neck. (Click on photo)

I quickly stuck my camera out of the car window and captured a digital image of this handsome bird, He stood very alertly and patiently waited for me to just "move along, Stranger Danger". After enjoying this simple, natural scene for a few more minutes, I obliged him.

Nothing complex or well-planned-out this time. Just another fun, serendipitous, "Drive-By-Shooting" experience with a nice, nature photo by which to remember it!