2007 - Cute Curly Cornrows Child ©

by J.R. Beatty


Some things in life are meant to be. This young girl, with special "cute curly cornrows" in her hair, was meant to be a lovely, photographers' model! (Click on photos)

She was with her Momma on a dock on the St. Johns River with green water and brown barnicals in the background. I saw she was very cute so I asked if I could photograph her. Her Momma said "OK".

Without me saying anything else or giving any instructions to her, this little girl hopped up on the edge of the worn wooden bench, squatted down, placed her hands on her knee just so, and broke out this wonderful smile for my camera. I was impressed with her intuitive poise, intelligence, and natural spontaneity.

Chances are she has now grown up a bunch. I would bet she is a successful student, model, actress, singer, or well on her way to being an orthopedic surgeon or any career requiring positivity, forward moving aggressiveness, and special talents.

This was the easiest impromptu child portrait I have ever captured! I think it is one of my best - thanks to a Cute Curly Cornrows Child! Don't you agree?