2009 - INCOMING! ISIS Battle Tank USAF Drone Missile Strike? ©

by J.R. Beatty

USAF Drone Strikes ISIS Battle Tank ?
USAF Drone Strikes ISIS Battle Tank ?

You never can know what you will see and capture on a "Drive-By-Shooting" experience.

One day I drove by a small truck next to the road. It had been badly crushed! It looked like it had been through a war - a damaged Iraqi "ISIS desert battle tank" perhaps hit by a USAF Drone missile strike? (Click on photo)

Actually it had been damaged by high tornadic winds on April 16th blowing a large tree over onto the parked truck. Fortunately, no one was in the truck at the time. Not a scratch! Otherwise the driver would have experienced a new, fashionable hairdo and quite a migraine headache! Or much worse!

I wondered if the vehicle could still run? It looked like it might. Perhaps someone would like to own a TOPLESS CONVERTIBLE truck after that caved-in roof was removed.

Tentative Conclusions: Don't park your vehicle under or close to a big tree during a tornado! And don't let yourself get involved in an USAF drone strike either!