1859 - Old St. Johns River Lighthouse - 'Wild Watcher Birds'

by J.R. Beatty

Old St. Johns River Light Watcher Birds
Old St. Johns River Light Watcher Birds

This photo montage poster highlights the circa 1859 Old St. Johns River lighthouse in the Mayport Naval Station near Jacksonville, FL. You can also see some fair weather, wild birds who apparently liked to watch fast river traffic passing by the lighthouse. (Click on the photos to see the details better)

The birds included one big Pelican and four smaller Sandpipers standing in a line on the edge of their concrete "observation dock". From their relative positions, it may be that one little bird has some bad, adolescent B.B.B.O.
(a.k.a. Bad Bird Body Odor) problems. He looks sad like he feels left out of the other "watcher birds" grouping.

It doesn't look like the sunburned folks in the fast-moving speedboat ever even knew they were being "bird watched".