1861 to 1865 - The South Can Rise Again - On-Line ©

by J.R. Beatty


This tattered Stars and Bars Confederate flag shining through trees has long been seen by many Southerners with a bright historical pride. (Click on photos)

But lately, it is seen as undesirable in some protesting circles - "Take It Down from public venues"!

Flags have been removed from government buildings, protestors have marched, existing war hero statues have been torn down by mobs or removed by officials, people have been arrested, court battles have ensued.

But aren't these just historical Civil War battle flags and statues reminding us of brave Southern soldiers? Doesn't it just stand for Southern States Rights? Or doesn't it just encourage the continuation of dominating racial discrimination?

Of course, it is seen differently in the eyes of each affected beholder. Each and all of these interpretations may well be true. But isn't there a way we can calmly discuss this subject person-to-person. We should try to find a way to forgive our ancestors' "sins", acknowledge each others present "opinions", and start a new, better Southern tradition of understanding, acceptance, and diligent entrepreneurial work for the betterment of all!

Civil War Soldier Standing Guard
Civil War Soldier Standing Guard

A Suggestion: The US flags that black soldiers fought under are seen everywhere today. Rather than folks tearing down historical flags or monuments, why don't proud black folks' groups start putting up statues of their own black Civil War ancestor heroes? Perhaps right next to or near existing statues?

For examples of black American heroes, see my "1864 - Olustee Civil War Battlefield" Reenactment 'Story'!

I also think of the Martin Luther King Memorial Sculpture in Washington, D.C.! No angry mob should tear down a historic monument, just because they don't agree with the historic aims, courage, and actions it remembers and represents!

"The South Shall Rise Again" - On-Line!
"The South Shall Rise Again" - On-Line!

Coincidently, one day as I drove by a NC country home, I saw a Confederate flag hanging on an outdoor clothes line drying in the sun. I wondered if some folks would want to tear that flag off the drying line in a rage.

It was hung in a family's temporary "place of honor" alongside a long dress, a pair of skinny jeans, a brazier, some bed sheets, and other unmentionables. Undocumented "yard trash art" rested nearby. A well-worn pickup truck was parked under the thick shade trees in the background.

Only later did I think that there may be two "takes" on this photo title: 1. "On-Line" meaning hung up On-this-clothes-drying-Line or
2. "On-Line" meaning connected to the commercial world-wide-web Internet. One of these takes may be the South's best hope to
"Rise Again"! At least in business and financial ways.

So, My Fellow Southern Entrepreneurs, pray hard that the inter-connecting-to-all-who-pay-their-$30-per-month, high speed, fiber-optic, broadband, damn Yankee communications cables will be installed underground along-side our Southern roads - immediately, if not sooner!

On that there such a system is how I'm chattin' at ya right now ….