Portrait: J.R. Beatty
J.R. Beatty - AA, BS, OJT, H-C, is a '69 Grad from the University of Florida and sometimes a "Lazy Gator"!
His last name is pronounced "BAY-TEE" just like his CU$TOM GIFT "BAY-TEE" Shirts.

J.R. works as an independent, freelance, contractor, or direct employee artist. He is a Creative & Technical Writer
as well as a Documenter/Photographer/Writer/Editor/"Communi-Gator".

His Mission-Vision Goal is: "Focus On LIFE = Capture, Share, Enjoy".

J.R. earned his U of Florida BS degree in Gainesville, FL. While there he sang in and was elected President
of the 60-member, acapella University Choir.

He received post-college OJT training in photography, effective writing, modern business, and FAB marketing.

J.R. provides special Documenter/Photographer/Writer/Editor/"Communi-Gator" "ART SHOW" photo print$, cu$tom gift$, photo u$e permit$, and creative & technical writings. YOU can EXPERIENCE ALL these at his "ART SHOW" website: www.JRBeattyPhotography.com in his 'J.R.'s MOST', 'GALLERY', 'PHOTO-STORY', and 'T-F-STORY' webpages.

He also publishes his informative "FOCUS ON LIFE" E-mail Newsletter. E-mail J.R. YOUR Request to Receive his Newsletter in YOUR own
On-Line E-mail Inbox.

He creates "ART SHOW" PHOTO PRINT$, CU$TOM GIFT$, and CREATIVE & TECH WRITINGS about Life, Faith, Humanity, Nature, Humor, Technology, Marketing, ... & "True-Fiction (T-F)" - Inspired by His Planned "Photo Safaris" and Serendipitous "Drive-By-Shootings".

J.R.'s "ART SHOW" photo prints will "ARTIFY and BEAUTIFY" for a variety of ages, tastes, and budgets for both Adults and Kids' LIFE-styles. See his 'GALLERY' TAB "Art Show" Categories 'New Unseens', 'Kids', and 'Adults'.

His documenting, photography, writing, and editing activities synergize his documentation experience and writing skills to fulfill customer expectations.

J.R. describes his earnest writing process as "I pour out onto paper or Internet pages the deep feelings and impactful experiences in my heart and mind. Then dry my creative juices and emotional liquids a little before baring my soul to my audience. Similar to singing with THE UF acapella University Choir or performing a Handel's 'Messiah' solo in front of thousands!"

He visually documents special moments-in-time and then writes his short 'PHOTO-STORY'. His Special Photo Titles and "FASCINATING FACTS" and "HIDDEN HISTORY" are included to explain why his photo's context is interesting to him and a diverse audience.

PUBLISHERS: See 'T-F-STORY' excerpts for Non-Photo-Based "TRUE-FICTION (T-F)" writings to publish.

J.R. has produced Planned "Photo-Safari" and Serendipitous "Drive-By-Shooting" photo captures at locales of special subject opportunities like:

~ Gulf of Mexico in St. Petersburg Beach, Bradenton Beach, Sarasota Beach, FL ...
~ Atlantic Ocean in Miami Beach, Palm Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach. FL ...
~ University of Florida’s Campus Monuments in Gainesville, FL
~ Olustee Battlefield Reenactment in Olustee, FL
~ Oldest USA City, St. Augustine, FL
~ Special Sights in Orlando and Jacksonville, FL
~ Old St. Johns River Lighthouse, Mayport Naval Station, FL
~ St. Simons Island Lighthouse, St. Simons Island, GA
~ Tybee Island Day Mark / Light Station, Tybee Island Beach, GA
~ Raleigh, Charlotte, Outer Banks, & Rural Carolinas venues
~ USS North Carolina Battleship in Wilmington, NC
~ NC Museum of Life & Science, Durham, NC
~ Yates Grist Mill, Wake County, NC
~ Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway, VA
~ Virginia Air & Space Center, Hampton, VA

J.R.'s "ART SHOW" photo print$ and cu$tom photo gift$ are available for IMMEDIATE SALE as PERSONAL PHOTO PRINT GIFTS For YOU, YOUR family, friends, brides & grooms, church & club members, co-workers, managers, biz owners, doctors, lawyers, dentists, teachers,... and ALL Art-Lovers.

These "ART SHOW" photo print$ are PERFECT PROFESSIONAL PHOTO ART DECORATIONS for YOUR homes, man-caves, kids-rooms, work/business offices, club rooms, schools, RV's, ocean yachts, vacation villas, ... and art stores / museums!

See his website 'ORDER' page for order details, applicable Di$count$, and two excellent photo print options - NO. 1 = Canvas, No Glass, Ready-To-Hang and NO. 2 = Rolled-In-Tubes, Ready-To-Frame.

CONTACT J.R. to PURCHASE YOUR "ART SHOW" Photo Print$ and Cu$tom Gift$ as well as to Ask for PERMISSION TO USE his Photos for YOUR Commercial Art and Writing projects.

YOU can have the ARTISTIC FUN to Personalize/Design/Purchase YOUR Ready-To-Frame photo prints' picture frame fabrication (Custom Mounting/Wood/Metal/Plastic/Glass/Matte) at YOUR LOCAL, fine art print framing stores.

A NEW Special Purchase Offering is J.R.'s "ART SHOW" CU$TOM GIFT$. These are shown under his 'GALLERY' and 'ORDER' MENU TABS.

Request YOUR FREE, COMPLEMENTARY, NO CHARGE, colorful, photo-based, original "ART SHOW" HI-NOTE BOOK MARKS. These can help YOU read novels, study school textbooks, leave-a-Hi-Note, and introduce J.R. B E A T T Y = P H O T O G R A P H Y
to YOU and YOUR best Art-Lover contacts! YOU can see these items under his 'GALLERY' MENU TAB.

J.R. now works from his Private Studio in his NC ancestral state when not out-in-the-field capturing new photographs, exhibiting them, or shipping customer orders. He uses modern mobile marketing media and telecommuter communication systems to "Investigate, 'Documentate', Coordinate, and Communicate" his photo-writer projects.

He can be reached for Selection and Purchasing HELP for "ART SHOW" Photo Print$ and Cu$tom Gift$ as well as Planning for YOUR proposed Photo, Writing, and Publishing Projects:
~ E-mail: JRBeatty@aol.com
~ Phone: (9 0 4) 3 2 7 - 7 8 2 0
~ Web Site: www.JRBeattyPhotography.com

J.R. will look forward to showing YOU his Full-Size "ART SHOW" photo$ - in Art Gallery stores, at Art Show Festivals, and in purchased "ART SHOW" Photo Print Packages shipped right to YOUR Home Address!

"YOU might expect that when I pass on to my earthly photographer's heavenly reward, my photo prints might be worth much more than YOU paid for them depending on their AGE and CONDITION! So, we'll look for YOU and my "ART SHOW" Photo Prints to be seen on the "Antiques Roadshow"! In the mean time, Enjoy Acquiring My Photo Art and "Appreciating" its Value - now and in the future!"