1872 - St. Simons Lighthouse & THE Gazebo GHOST

by J. R. Beatty

St. Simons Island GHOST Poster $15
St. Simons Island GHOST Poster $15
Years ago I visited the 1872 St. Simons Lighthouse area in Georgia. Next to the lighthouse keepers' home was a lovely, large old gazebo topped by a curious, antique ornamental wind vane. I captured photos of the lighthouse and gazebo together. I then made this poster including some lighthouse historical data. (Click on the photo to see more details) (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Simons_Island_Light for more historical details)

"The U.S. government constructed a new lighthouse to replace the original, building it to the west of the original's location. It is a 104-foot brick structure completed in 1872 and was outfitted with a third-order, biconvex Fresnel lens.".... "The rotating lens projects four beams of light, with one strong flash every 60 seconds. A cast iron spiral stairway with 129 steps leads to the galley (or watch/service room)."

"The Lighthouse is reputed to be haunted by the GHOST of lightkeeper Frederick Osborne, who was killed in a duel with assistant keeper John Stephens in early March 1880. One account had Osborne, apparently a chronic faultfinder, making an inappropriate remark to Stephens' wife, the other had Stephens making unwanted advances on Osborne's wife. At any rate, standing 98 feet apart, Osborne had a pistol and Stephens a shotgun loaded with buckshot. Stephens fatally wounded Osborne and was later acquitted of any charges."

"Stephens later reported hearing footsteps ascending and descending the tower steps and blamed it on Osborne's GHOST. .... Multiple witnesses have reported hearing the sounds on the steps, including Coast Guardsmen while doing routine maintenance of the light mechanism. The belief is the fastidious Fred Osborne is coming back to check and make sure that the light is properly cared for."

"On November 30, 2013 a paranormal investigation group called LDLParanormal, claims to have identified electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) and recorded them on video with the alleged actual voice of Frederick Osborne."

St. Simons Lighthouse - THE Gazebo Ghost
St. Simons Lighthouse - THE Gazebo Ghost
Years later, looking closely at a blow up of this poster image, I saw a scary, haunting, shadowy figure with a strong, angry face staring out at me from a gazebo window. I also saw an unexpected, unexplained bright aura, a GHOSTLY
orb of light shining behind the figure.

Wait! ... Could this APPARITION actually be the long deceased, but now reappearing GHOST of the ancient lighthouse keeper, Frederick Osborne?! Was he again searching for John Stephens to get his Final Revenge?!

Why would the GHOST appear before me? Was his appearing actually captured in my camera photo?! Have YOU seen him, too?

So now, how does this ancient, authentic lighthouse story and this special, GHOSTLY photographic documentation make
YOU feel?!